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NGA Nautical Chart 120

North Atlantic Ocean (Southern Sheet)

thumbnail for chart North Atlantic Ocean (Southern Sheet)

Per NGA: charts in this region cannot be viewed

Scale: 6331100
Actual Chart Size: 38.5" x 50.5"
Paper Size: 42.0" x 52.0"
Edition #: 6
Edition Date: 1994-08-20
NTM Notice/Date: 199451 None

NTM = NGA Notice to Mariners

The chart you are viewing is printed by OceanGrafix using the most recent data provided by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). This NGA data may no longer be current and you should consult the "Corrected through NM ##/##" note in the margin of the chart for additional information and apply all Notice To Mariners corrections that have been issued subsequently.

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